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organic superfood bar:

Get ready for the energy bar you've been wanting, but didn't know existed:


Real food ingredients


USDA Organic and plant-based


Hand-baked in Salem, Oregon


Home compostable wrapper


Crunchy & chewy texture


Actually tastes good!


Won't melt or freeze

Available at a store near you!

Customer Feedback


The bars are great for running and endurance activities… I LOVE that they are organic, the flavors are original, the consistency is nice (can crumble over yogurt or eat on its own), and the packaging is compostable. They're also good for my clients with allergies! It's hard to find good tasting, allergen-free bars.” – Eliza Savage, RD


"I tried the lemongrass cherry matcha. I like that it’s made of real ingredients, not artificial junk. The lemongrass flavor really stands out. It’s a nice texture – it’s somewhat hard to the touch but soft and chewy once you bite into it. Really unique flavor options. Love that the wrapper is compostable!" – Anna 


"I’m really impressed with how a LivBar tastes like REAL FOOD without excessive sweetness or that “stick in my teeth” consistency. Thanks for a great product and a great service."  – Online customer

Say Yes To Real Food AND The Planet!

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