LivBar is committed to sustainability. Take a look at a few ways that we are doing our part to ensure a cleaner, safer planet for all.


Compostable Packaging: Food wrappers are the fourth most common single-use plastic found in the environment, according to UN Environment. The broader context of rightful living includes being caretakers of our planet. LivBar uses all 100% compostable wrappers made from cellulose, the most abundant of naturally occurring organic materials (certified to both ASTM D6400 and EN13432 by Vinçotte, Din Certco, and the BPI). 


Renewable Energy: Did you know LivBar’s office and production facility is solar powered? By using solar panels, we’re taking advantage of our favorite most plentiful resource, the sun! This reduces the burden on traditional electricity sources, and consequently allows for the reduction of carbon that is emitted through fossil fuels.

Certified Organic: From the ingredients we use to the facility we use them in, LivBar believes in the impact of choosing organic. LivBar is Certified Organic through both the USDA & Oregon Tilth. This means that we are responsible for following a myriad of strict standards, including working with suppliers who also follow organic practices.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, “Organic farmers utilize practices that:

  • Maintain and improve fertility, soil structure and biodiversity, and reduce erosion
  • Reduce the risks of human, animal, and environmental exposure to toxic materials
  • Fine-tune farming practices to meet local production conditions and satisfy local markets


    LivBar is certified USDA OrganicLivBar is certified Oregon Tilth

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